The difference…

The difference between ants and the ant-eaters is —
Oh wait. You don’t know to what I am referring.

John yesterday participated in our Stake Youth Conference. (Bishopric representation.) That afternoon the kids played Ants/Anteaters, a game probably known by a million other names. The idea was that the “ants” were trying to get safely to the other side, and if the “anteaters” tagged ’em, they had to go to “jail.” To get out of jail, 4 ants had to get to the jail successfully, and then carry the convict out & back to safety.

Youth were ants, Leaders were anteaters. They all played HARD and they all had fun.

The difference, however, between the ants and the anteaters is that the ants are remembering it thinking, “That was fun.” The anteaters are remembering it now thinking, “Ow. I hurt.”

Heh heh heh. Poor John. He’s sore sore sore.

One Response to The difference…

  1. Ashley says:

    Sounds like a fun time, for the kids anyway. Reminds me of our good old days when we LIVED to go to youth conferences! I miss those!
    I song-tagged you on my blog! I’m excited to see which songs you’ll pick. 🙂

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