Me & My Fam

This is pretty old.  3 years or so.  I have added comments and such, but not to Mr Smith and me.  Do grownups ever change?

Call me paranoid, but I enjoy a certain element of anonymity here.  (Can it be?  I really spelled that correctly?  Thanks, spell check!)

Me – Anita Nap(My parents both liked the name Anita when I was yet to be born, so my pseudo-name here it a tribute to them. Fortunately with a last name like Man, they chose not to follow through with that one.)  Full-time wife & mommy, part-time blogger, writer,  sew-er.  And cook, maid, laundress, housekeeper -QUEEN OF THE HOME- for the following wonderful people:

My husband and love of my life – John.  One of my favorite things to say to him is, “I mean, that’s not rocket-science… And you’d know!”  He loves rocket science, has a Master’s in Space Studies, and is working toward geting his Doctorate in Astrophysics quit the doctorate work at his wife’s request as spent the last year and a half as Bishop of our ward in Salt Lake.  GO SWEETIE!  Now we live in Hawaii — though honest to goodness we didn’t move here to get him out of that calling.  It was a career change.  He’s teaching at university here and loving it.  I seriously married well, and thank God every day for such a loving, kind, considerate spouse.  He pampers me regularly, takes his role as provider & protector seriously, and plays with the kids when he comes home.  Oh, and he cooks/cleans too.  Definitely a perk, and SO attractive in a man.

Child #1 – Creativity, age 7.

This is her description from 3 years ago.  I’m leaving it because it cracks me up.  We’ve lost the “princess” stuff, but most of it remains unchanged:

Girly girly girly.  Would love nothing more than to wear princess dresses all day, every day, complete with matching fingernail polish, tiara, and heels.  She came this way, truly.  Also incredibly smart, sensitive, and capable.

Child #2 – Doodle, age 5.  Same for him.

3 (in a few weeks from this writing) Loves tools with a passion.  Daddy can’t get ’em out without being attacked.  Very wise, obedient, and loving, and very excited about having a “piwate pawty” – no girls allowed… which I guess means John will be running the show.

Child #3 – Eagle.

Okay, he’s changed a bit since this: 8 months (and one week, at the time of this writing)  LOVES his Daddy, cries when he leaves the room, and has a funny little personality emerging.

Eagle now loves dragons, misses our home in Utah and often says things like, “I want to go back to our normal house.”  He does enjoy it here on Oahu, though, and brings us great joy and laughter every day.  3 is a wonderful, great and terrible age.  Oh, and that hair ended up very much mostly blond. 

more commentary from the past:

All three have varying shades of red hair, Doodle being the darkest, Eagle being almost blond (at least, what we can see of it!)  All three have spunky personalities, but are as different from each other as little people can be.  And all three are, of course, loved to pieces by their parents & relatives.

And no, we don’t have red hair in the family tree (that we know of for sure).  Just in daddy’s beard and my brothers’ too.


Child #4 “Freedom” — will be 2 in September, our “Constitution Day” baby.  He’s a sweet little soul.  Loves cars and being outside.  Is a pretty normal kid, though abnormally CUTE!!!  He doesn’t talk much, at least in understandable words, and has me a little worried about his cognitive development in the communication dept.  I’m his mother.  Trust me.  Something’s different.  Nonetheless, he is adorable and a joy.

Child #5 “Gentleman.” — He’s just a baby, but “Little Gent” is just a great description.  He’s happy, healthy, chubby, and red-curly-haired.  Love him to pieces.  His coming to our family marked the beginning of big changes: My sister getting married & our moving to Hawaii.


2 Responses to Me & My Fam

  1. Coralie says:

    how fun! I am going to add a page like this to mine! :)i love your family!

  2. jesurgislac says:

    Hi! I made the mistake of posting a comment from an apolitical photoblog that I run – I’d be obliged if you would just delete that. I prefer to keep my photoblog separate online from my political blog. I’ve repeated the comment from *this* blog.

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