All worth it

Okay, so I may be sleep deprived, it’s true.

And that gets annoying from time to time… and sometimes, it seems like all the time.

But man, am I one lucky (read: blessed) person, to be the mother of such cute kids, and to get to spend time with them all day like I do.  (Thankfully, I am also blessed with a helpful and understanding husband, who steps in when I don’t feel quite as “lucky” about the set up.)

Today was one of those good days for me, and a gorgeous, sunny fall day (nice and warm too!  yay!)… which was great timing because…

It was Doodle’s 3rd Birthday!  YAY!!!!!!!!!

This many fingers
This many fingers

Or as he says it,
“I’m ThWEE!!!!”

I was going to upload *just* pictures from his birthday… but… well, there are too many in this folder too cute to pass up.  First, bday pictures, than the other adventures from earlier this month.

While the files load, I shall explain a few things; when they’re done loading, I’ll be done jabbering.  Maybe.

 Doodle wanted a BOYS ONLY party this year.  I think it stemmed from Cinderella getting to go to a few “girls only” events (like Ruth’s baby shower – fun!).  The poor little guy gets bossed around morning ‘til night – I can’t blame him at all for wanting his own “piwate pahyty with no goyls.”  That included me and sister, and my mom & grandma… “Only BOYS.”  So John took half the day off to man the party, with help from my dad, his dad, and my brother A. 

And by the way, I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of the extended family that came today.  (BUMMER!!!!  Man, I hate when I do that.  The regret lives on forever.) 

Since I didn’t, I shall have to write down the scenes I should’ve snapped.

I can see it all quite clearly in my mind now — Dad (aka “Opa”) with his pirate bandana and patch, Uncle A with bandana and hook, and tiny dog “Akera” perched on his shoulder, under the pavillion, waiting for us to get there… John’s and my dad talking up a storm sitting on top of the picnic benches, sticking tape on the backs of the “flags” for the “stick the flag on the ship” game… Lots of things.  Cousin Adam (also 3 now) with chocolate frosting all over his face…  Little Noah, wearing his pirate vest, eating ice cream in his sad, sleepy, just-up-from-a-nap stupor…  His baby brother Daniel (Eagle’s age) wearing a pirate bandana, too… My sweet sisters-in-law who were able to make it here with kids in tow, one of whom is moving to California this week but drove 40 minutes to get here anyway… Grandma Lee getting her birthday-boy-hug… Cinderella and her 6 year old cousin Audrey, (both “not invited” but joining in for cake and ice cream anyway) playing together and dealing with severe can’t-be-the-center-of-attention issues.  (They are SOOOO much alike, it’s funny.)  Grams (mom’s mom) holding Eagle when he woke up (Eagle LOVES her — it’s so cute.)… Zannie (my mom) taking her turn, too, when Grams’ arms were done, and that satisfied look on her face, seeing her “creativity gene” obviously carrying through in its own way into my little family…

It was a wonderful, beautiful, busy time, and I loved every minute.


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