Not exaggerating

See?  It’s 3am, and since I finished that last post around midnight, I’ve been up with the little screamer at least 3 times.  He has a built in radar that tells him when I’m on the bridge between sleep and awake — the state you only remember if something pulls you out of it.  I HATE it when he starts screaming right then.  And he does, almost every single night, regardless of when I get to bed.

So I fed him at 12:15, fell asleep in the process (duh), and had to deal with him screaming at me 3 other times between then and now.

That’s not even an hour straight.

And this is typical.

Less typical that it makes me angry enough that I deal with whatever issues I can figure out in my tired stuppor (hungry? no.  wet?  I change his screaming, wiggly little self.  burp?  not that I can get out)… and am still SO angry I just have to leave him screaming bloody murder and go cool off (quite literally – it’s cold out here).

And I think, again, I need (seriously, need) to do some sleep training with this almost-9-month-old baby.  But at the moment I can’t remember anything I did with the other two, and I haven’t made it to the library in weeks now to find any of the great recommendations from my friends.

Anyone care to recap the __basic__ get-your-baby-to-sleep-through-the-night plan from any reliable source (including just your experience)?  Be kind and use small words, short sentences.  This is rediculous and must stop.  Thank Heavens the older two are usually making it through the night now that they’re in the same room.

Hm.  I wonder if John saved the day for the poor kid.  He doesn’t usually calm down on his own.  At any rate, he’s done acting like someone is sticking him with a hot poker.

I shall again try to go and get some sleep.

This does not bode well for my getting through church w/o loosing sanity.  Wish me luck.


5 Responses to Not exaggerating

  1. K. says:

    Good luck. Okay, so he’s waking up every hour because he wants your attention. He knows that as he goes through his sleep cycle that when he starts to wake up you will hold him and love him, etc. While there is nothing wrong with this, it means neither of you are getting any sleep.

    You’ve gotta not give in. If after a night time feeding he decides its time to get up and play, then no more feeding. He is large enough not to need it, even if he doesn’t really love solids yet.

    I found at this point that it was time for Miss E to be in another room so that she could cry and go back to sleep. Its so hard, but you’ve done it with C and D. It will be so good for the both of you to be on a solid sleep schedule.

    So, my suggestions. Make sure he has a good and very solid night time routine. Make sure his naps are routine too. And, then, its time to put him to bed and let him put himself back to sleep when he wakes up.

    I’ll scan some pages for you today from the book and send them via emim. Therefore – library problem solved.

    Love ya! Hugs!!!! (Now, E – sleep for Mommy tonight!)

  2. Ashley says:

    Good luck! That sounds SO hard and I like everything that K. suggested in her comment. It’s so true that you do have to let them cry sometimes, even though it’s hard. You will get through it and be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep again! I KNOW you will!!!

  3. earwaxtasteslikecrayons says:

    A couple of things:

    Feed more often during the day. If you’re on a 4 hour schedule, kick it up to 3 and see if that helps.

    Have you read Babywise? That’s what I used for my kids. The most helpful thing about it is the sleep-eat-awake order, I think. You feed them as soon as they wake up, then they have awake time after that. When they start acting tired, you put them to bed and let them put themselves to sleep. Nursing to sleep is a no. Also sleeping in arms–no.

    Last–the cry it out method worked for all of my kids, some sooner than others. But I don’t think we had any that cried for long periods of time more than two or three nights. It’s murder while it’s happening, but so worth it. I think I may have gotten earplugs, and Stan and I traded off being on guard. And think of it this way: he’s too young to remember it. Just double check there isn’t anything he can pull off of toys or blankets to choke on.

    Without sleep, you can’t be the mom you need to be. It’s hard to hear your child crying (screaming, yelling, despairing as though someone is pulling off each toenail), but teaching a child how to sleep is important to the whole family. You can do it!


  4. Ruth says:

    Oh I’m so sorry! Poor Misi! Unfortunately I’m a little short on the “mommy advice” just now but HOPEFULLY I will be qualified to give some soon! In any case I don’t think I would have anything very profound to say to the mommy with 3 kids anyway (when you are only pregnant with ONE, THREE sounds like a LOT!!! and I’m sure it is!!) I really loved talking to you last night (as always!) and I hope you can sneak in that much-needed “anitanap” between birthday celebrations and all the other normal mommy chores today! (this was probably not the post for me to read being 10 days away from my due date… 🙂

    But I’m excited to hear about the pirate (argh!) cake and party. 🙂

  5. anitanap says:

    I love you all! 🙂 If I can’t have a baby sleeping through the night, at least I have friends who help me get through it. 🙂

    K – You and your scanned pages are a life-saver. Thank you!
    Ashley – Thanks for the vote of confidence. I so needed that!!!
    Wendy – Babywise, yep. Love the pattern. I’m still not sure why it took them 200 pages to say just what you did in about 3 lines. (shrug) I’ve used that pattern with this guy from day 1, and I’m pretty sure it’s why he slept through the night from week 2 through month 4.
    Ruth – don’t worry. It gets easier the longer you practice being Mom. 3 is really not any harder for me to deal with than 1 was. You learn as you go, and it’s not all bad. 😉

    So! I shall try feeding him more often, and sticking to a more regular routine as far as times for nap times go. And…. looks like my lifelines all say to let him cry it out. Wish me luck!!! Thanks again for all your feedback.

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