Blond moment.

Oops.  Another one.  I think this makes about 10 this week.

We spent the whole afternoon/evening with John’s bro’s family.  It’s been so long since we’ve done that, their three year old was noticably taller than when last we saw him.  Sheesh.  AND — they’re moving to CA this upcoming week, which is quite a big deal for them and all those who will love & miss ’em.   (Allow me to mention here that I am beyond-thankful for their generosity in parting with lots and lots of amazing kids’ clothes they don’t need any more.  And other stuff, too.  You guys rock!!!!!)  Our kids all had a blast playing together today – and they did great about not picking fights with each other this time.  Yay! Dress ups, play food, running around outside, etc…

And did I bring my camera to capture the last play session in their lovely home here in UT that has been the place for so many great family gatherings?

NO!  ACKK!!!!!!!!!!  REPLAY!  REPLAY!!!!

Fortunately we’ll be seeing them again tomorrow (at a different sibling’s home), so I shall attempt to rectify the situation.  Don’t you hate it later when you don’t have any tangible, look-back-on-it pictures to help you document something important?  It’s often those things which don’t seem like such a big deal at the time, that are the biggest deal when they’re gone.  Sigh.

Like I said.  Get-together tomorrow.  Will take pictures, even if I feel stupid about it because no one on that side takes pictures unless there’s a birthday cake involved.  And even if my brother in law who HATES cameras and photos in general is there.  (Found that one out the hard way.  I still remember the death-glare I got when I, as a newly-married in-law, snapped a super-cute picture of him and his wife hugging and laughing together at a Christmas get-together.  OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!)  (Fortunately, he forgave me, and he’s actually one of my favorite people.)  (But no wonder I’m a little slow to (a) remember to bring a camera if he’s going to be there, (b) take said camera out of its bag, and (c) get brave enough to use it.  LOL!)

And then I will (a) download and (b) post said pictures.

Hm…. Not like anyone other than family reading this is even going to care.  Good point, Anita. 

Yes!  Eagle is finally asleep!  Good grief, that kid has major sleep issues.  (groan.)  Most kids don’t sleep through the night until they’re the age at which he *stopped* doing the 7-8hr stretch.  I don’t mean to be ungrateful.  It was awesome to sleep through the night with a newborn to 3 or 4 month old baby.  Still.  I would appreciate if he’d remember those sleeping skills and let me sleep more than an hour or two straight.  It’s all about the consecutive hours for me.  I’d rather have 5 straight than 10 interrupted….

Whew!  Look at me ramble.  As noted, he is asleep, and I shall stop jabbering into my fingers.


3 Responses to Blond moment.

  1. Ashley says:

    I agree, I’d rather have a shorter stretch of uninterrupted sleep than lots more interrupted sleep. Especially because it takes me a long time to fall BACK to sleep every time I’m woken up! I remember having a really hard time with that when Kirsten was tiny.

  2. earwaxtasteslikecrayons says:

    I hate being without a camera. Stan’s got ours out of town right now, and it’s driving me a little batty. Not to mention making my blog posts colorless and uninteresting.

  3. Anita says:

    Colorless, maybe. Uninteresting? Never.

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