Funny Moments

So on a day when I was supposed to be at a studio 20 minutes away, at 9am, with at least one of the three kids looking presentable…

I got out of bed at 8am (what? so late? what in the world have C & D been up to, playing so nicely and quietly together?)…

And found Doodle with Sharpie all over his face & hands.

Nice.  And yes, it was his pictures being taken today.  That’ll look great on our wall for the next year, eh?

SOL-U-MEL to the RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, it took the bright blue permanent ink right off his skin.  And Mr. Sensitive Skin didn’t react *at all* to that heavy-duty cleaner on his face, though of course I had reservations about it when I did it.  (This takes off nail polish and permanent marker, and I’m rubbing it undiluted on his face???)  This is the kid that gets rashes from every brand of “sensitive skin” baby wipes I’ve ever tried on him.  When we have a need for a wet wipe with Doodle, we use wet paper towels (w/o any kind of soap on it, because that’ll cause a rash, too).  Amazing stuff, Sol-U-Mel.  I highly recommend it.

So his photo shoot today was saved, though we were a little late.  The pictures turned out SUPER duper, oober cute.  Quite possibly the cutest pictures ever taken of him.  I can’t wait to see them in print!!!!!!

PS: I was so surprised by Mr.MarkerFace this morning, and so determined to get it off, I didn’t even think about what a Kodak moment it was.  Bummer!  Sorry, no pictures of this morning’s artwork.  😦

3 Responses to Funny Moments

  1. K. says:

    My goodness, I bet that was a site to see! And I’m glad that you had what you needed to save the day. I totally want to see his pics!

  2. earwaxtasteslikecrayons says:

    Ha! That’s kind of what happens at our house right before picture day, except it’s generally a huge scratch or GASH. Not even Sol-u-mel can help me now!

  3. Anita says:

    Alas, tis true. Not even SolUMel can fix that. Looks like your Family-Tami-Shoot went great, though! 🙂

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