Shucks.  I missed making a special deal out of my 100th post.  Bummer.  Guess we’ll have to wait for 150 for special sesquecentenni-postl celebration.  😉

In honor of post #106, however, this is the family experiment we’re doing together today… We’ll have to 1/2-it since scrambled fresh-egg breakfast (YUM!) cut down on our egg stash, and we already fetched today’s chicken “rent.”

Update: Woohoo!  We must have another chicken laying now, because one left us a pleasant surprise.  Two eggs in one day!  YAY!  We won’t have to half it after all!

Update: It’s in the oven.  For the crust I used my leftover graham-cracker-dough that I found still hiding in the fridge.  I knew there was a reason I held on to that when I did last Monday’s science-experiment-dump.  Hopefully it doesn’t kill us. (That dough’s been there for… mmm… I don’t think I’ll tell you.)  And hopefully it’ll work well as a pie crust, though it’ll be quite a lot thicker than most. 

At any rate, it looks like pie, smells like pie — with any luck it’ll taste like pie, too!  30 minutes left to go…

3 Responses to ACK!

  1. Husband John says:

    It’s good! Yummy pie. We’ll need to work on how to make whipped cream, but the pie was great. Thanks, dearie, for making it (and letting me take a nap in the process – she’s superwoman folks!). 😀

  2. anitanap says:

    Yes, we sure do need whipped cream help. Wendy?

  3. Ashley says:

    How did the pie turn out? I hope it was really yummy!!!

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