Amazing.  Once one has created a google account, it is saved FOREVER.  “We don’t currently have a way to delete accounts.”  Bah.

And I couldn’t figure out how to import my blog roll from my blogger account.  😛  So… I shall have to retype in all 40-ish of your wonderful blogs.

Some other night.  For now, me sleepy.  Night night.


6 Responses to Wha?

  1. Ashley says:

    So are you also getting rid of all Apple stuff that you own? I’m not sure if you have any ipods or Apple computers or anything, but I DID notice that they also donated a ton of money to NO on 8. I was just curious if it’s affecting people as much as Google.

  2. Husband John says:

    Yes. Though we don’t have any purchased apple products, we’d discontinue using them if we did. The one Apple product we continue to use is Quicktime, because it’s the format our camera uses for videos and is otherwise ubiquitous. However, my wife has tasked me with finding (or developing) a program to convert from Quicktime to some other video format.

    The same applies to Levi Strauss clothing.

  3. earwaxtasteslikecrayons says:

    Yahoo, too. I guess I’m stuck with mapquest for directions and msn as a search engine–

  4. Husband John says:

    Yahoo too, eh? I hadn’t heard Yahoo publicly opposed Proposition 8, too.

  5. Husband John says:

    I see that Yahoo execs donated $15k each to the ‘No’ campaign, but haven’t found a story indicative of the company making a formal declaration. Do you have a URL to a news story or something? thanks!

  6. anitanap says:

    I really wish the businesses would lay off the formal declaration of religious persecution.
    Oh, I mean, “equal rights.”

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