Very (very) unlike me

Greetings blogworld.  And HI Jimmy – you found the right blog.  🙂

Just wanted to document that I did something very brave (for me, anyway).  Here’s the story.

We went to Costco today with my dear Grandma.  Gotta love that she parks on the backside of that very big building because she “needs the excersize.”  (More likely, to reduce the risk of dings to the Caddy.)  I hope I have her energy when I’m in my 80’s.

I digress – That has nothing to do with my story.

So anyway, in a very visable location there was a Zip-fizz kiosc – you know the kind.  I laughed at myself, remembering how last time (like, a year ago), the salesguy was so good I still remember his shpeel.  Whoever he was, he posessed the amazing gift of making things sound good, and doing it without guilt-tripping. 

Guess what?  Same guy there today!  Funny, huh?  And yes, he still has serious salesguy-skills.  As I shopped, I knew if I didn’t ask him about Melaleuca, I’d be kicking myself later for it… Even if it killed me to get out of my comfort-zone like that.  🙂  The products are right up his alley (especially the health&fitness ones), the income potential is HUGE for somebody like him, and it can fit into absolutely anybody’s schedule. 

So I brainstormed.  Do I give him my email address?  Phone number?  No, that’s too personal.  And I haven’t given a guy my number in years, obviously. Wouldn’t know how to do it.  (Although somebody asked for it a few weeks ago — funny story for another post.) Facebook?  No, I’m still not sure how to find people on there, so I wouldn’t know how to have him contact me there.  Blog address?  Well, that’s very non-threatening, and he can look up my crazy postings about the products if he wants… Assuming he’d be interested.  Assuming I actually get the gumption to do it.

And I did it!  Go me!  It was pretty easy to strike up a conversation, given that they only hire nice guys for that kind of job.  And he was super nice about it when I asked him if he’d be interested in a very flexible, part-time job.  He even had the decency to look & sund genuinely interested.  Huzzah!

Jimmy, if you’re reading this, thanks so much for not looking at me like I was crazy this afternoon.  🙂  And I hope you actually do have an interest in a fantastic business opportunity.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

2 Responses to Very (very) unlike me

  1. K. says:

    Okay, so I saw this yesterday and then I had a brilliant idea…ready….hang on…here it comes…

    You need a Mel. email address…you know or something like that…

    Problem solved 🙂

    You can thank me later (sorry, so tired I’m silly).

  2. anitanap says:

    Great idea, K!!!

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