How I’m feeling…

Relieved because it’s over.

Worried about what a democratic congress + president will do.  I’m not very happy about what a republican congress + president managed… I echo the sentiment of my bro-in-law, gridlock is good.

Happy I can give political blogging a rest for a while.  Not forever, but I need a break.

Thrilled that my room got so clean yesterday.  I was in a “(snort-grr) I gotta wash something” mood, and my room hasn’t been this clean in over a year, no joke.  (I love Emporer’s New Groove – a quote for every mood!)

Filled with admiration and love for the men who wrote the US Constitution.  Our founding fathers were wise beyond anything we see today.

Sad that more people don’t know their *real* US History where the Revolutionary War and the founding of our country is concerned.  (Sorry to tell you, folks, but what you learned in public school was pretty much, um, bunk.)

But again, happy to be here today.  Happy it’s snowing lots.  Hopeful our chicken coop doesn’t collapse.  (Prognosis not good, by the way.)

And curious — How are you feeling today?

3 Responses to How I’m feeling…

  1. Elly says:

    LOVE Pacha’s wife. She’s one of the best characters!!

    And I echo many of your feelings. Really. ^_^

  2. Ashley says:

    I feel a lot of the same ways as you too. Mostly glad that it’s all over. I was getting tired of everything political!

  3. Sidney Carton says:

    Before we declare Mr. Obama’s victory a ruinous event for our nation, let’s give him a chance to actually screw up. You may be pleasantly surprised. While I don’t think he shares your particular interpretation of the Constitution, I do know that having taught Constitutional Law for years, he has actually read the document, and will likely have greater respect for it than the current occupants of the White House. Just a thought.

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