Who are you voting for?

As for me and my vote, for President of the United States of America…

Absolutely neither John McCain or Barack Obama.

Now wait.  Before you call me a crackpot and lecture me on how a vote for someone else is a “wasted” vote allow me to make a few observations. 

1) In the research I’ve done, I am not convinced that either main-party candidate would actually fulfill his Presidential oath of maintaining and defending the US Constitution.  Therefore you are going to have a *very* difficult time convincing me it is a good idea to put either of them in office.

2) The vast majority of Republicans and Democrats I’ve heard discuss Obama/McCain admit they’re chosen candidate may not be their ideal.  And that’s putting it nicely.  Normally they say things to the effect of, “Well, I know he’s not perfect, but [insert opposing candidate] is SOOOOOO much worse by comparison.”

Oh really?

Here’s a thought.  My perspective on

Having only two political parties of substance is tearing this country apart at the Federal level.  (On the local/state level it isn’t great either IMO, but I’m talking specifically about Federal offices.)  I see two MASSIVE organizations picking the candidates we choose from to serve in a government that was absolutely not designed to support a two-party system.  Our Federal gov’t has been bloated far beyond what is sustainable, as evidenced clearly by our national debt. 

(Good grief, why are we continuing to elect politicians, and why are we not begging and pleading with sound economists to run things for a while???  I’d even settle for the basic understanding of common sense, for one:  Spend more than you earn, get a lot of debt.  Continue that pattern indefinitely and you have a HUGE problem — never ending servitude to your creditors!)

People elected from those parties are indebted to those parties for gaining office, serve those parties, and have a much more vested interest in the perpetuation of those parties than is desirable.  It seems to me that on a local level, many members of both parties are loyal to their parties before their country.  “Their country” meaning the US Constitution, and their state’s Constitution as well. 

Folks, this was not designed to be a socialist society.  It was also not intended to be the world’s policeman.  (I would dearly love to get a fax from heaven, written by George Washington, as regards specifically the UN.)

Clearly I have conservative views.

However!  That does not mean I will be backed into the wall of “pick the lesser of two evils.”  No way.  Absolutely wrong.  I feel very, very sorry for you if you feel that way, and am quite happy to inform you that — guess what!  You don’t have a gun at your back forcing you to vote a certain way.  This is America.  (Since when was it in our best interest to pick between two “undesirable” candidates for its President?!  Sheesh.)  Your freedom to express *your* choice through *your* vote remains in tact.  Make a statement with it, regardless of how the rest of the country thinks.

And then, when one of those two main shluffs gets in, and does a bunch of crazy, stupid things, you have every right to NOT feel accountable for it.  You sleep better at night.  You hate both main parties more, but your conscience rests.

That said, if your conscience and common sense tells you to vote for one of the two main candidates, do it.  But please don’t do it simply out of loyalty to your party.  That drives me nuts.  And also, if your chosen candidate makes it, and does a bunch of stupid stuff in office, please allow me the small pleasure of thinking “toldjaso.”  No, I won’t say it and I’ll try hard not to write it.  That would be rude.  But I am not yet the humble person I hope to be, and thoughts like “toldjaso” are definitely going to happen. 

And I will allow you the small pleasure of thinking, “Boy, think how much worse it would be if x were in office!”  Let me tell you, that’s a pretty small condolence for the liberties stripped by the Patriot Act, and the *trillions* of dollars of debt hanging over this nation’s head that we didn’t have before Bush Jr.

Okay, I’m done.  Thanks for listening.  Now go ahead.  Someone remind how the “wasted vote” lecture goes.  I find it so silly I don’t retain it for long and need a reminder every once in a while.  😉

One Response to Who are you voting for?

  1. ADespain says:

    Amen, sister!! I love this post. Thank you. Thanks for your comment! It’s fun to have more online friends!

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