Halloween Pictures

And, boy, are there lots!

  We went to Gardner Village yesterday – it was gorgeous weather, and silly me — I forgot to bring Doodle shorts/pants to put on if it got to hot for the ewok costume.  Grr.  We improvised with Eagle’s blanket, and I was pretty proud of my ingenuity until Doodle got sick of me having to constantly tighten it.  He ran around for quite a while in just his diaper, while I tried to pretend I wasn’t the negligent mother letting my kid run around pantless.  Ah, these are the moments that make me think motherhood is really a comedy act.

Aaaaand, what else?  Oh, I forgot to mention the lovely friends that joined us there.  Lots of fun to have company, and my mom came too!  Yay!

So— pumpkin coloring/carving adventures, Doodle won the city costume contest with his ewok costume (he thought he was batman with that black cape… whatever you want, man, as long as you’ll wear the rest of it, too!), aaaaaand.  Hm.  I forget what other pictures I stuck in that gallery.  You’ll figure it out, I’m sure.  The pumpkin pancake picture is fun.  🙂  I still need to figure out how to get the video-file of Zannie’s song to talk with wordpress, and now there are pictures from my dad & brother’s birthday, too.  October is a busy birthday month!

Also to come — the eternal rose!  John brought me a rose after priesthood session (awwww), and it lived a nice long life (like, a week) where it dried beautifully in its vase.  So I left it there for another week or so.  (yeah, I meant to toss it, but I didn’t…)  Now it’s growing!  Amazing!  And the picture-proof will have to wait for another day.  Eagle is doing his customary scream-at-10:30pm-just-when-mommy-should-be-going-to-sleep thing. 

The kid has me trained, now.  I have a hard time going to sleep unless I’m snuggling with him.  Bummer.  And all that knowledge and expertiese I gained sleep-training the other two babies – GONE.  Nadda.  I’m totally back to square one, having to reread all the same books and get all the same pep-talks.  Sheesh.  Well, not totally true.  I have no problems letting him fuss to sleep for naps, and so far he’s done great with nap time.  It’s the other 12 hours of the day (I mean, night) that aren’t as easy.  Sigh…

Talk about a rambling post!  Wow.  Sometimes I amaze even myself.

Again, Happy Halloween everyone!


2 Responses to Halloween Pictures

  1. Elly says:

    I love the fairy pumpkin carving. That’s awesome!

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m glad you had such a fun Halloween! Those are really cute pictures!

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