Woooooot! – revised with pictures.

Ain’t nothin’ like a full price offer, baby!!!!!

If it goes like they want it, we’ll have closed escrow at the end of this month. What a wonderful, wonderful day! 🙂
Our beautiful home there. More beautiful since it’s been painted, but this is how it looked then. How we loved it!
I loved the surprising, spontaneous, sweet moments from my kids on those hard-wood floors. And the quilt I began there with the help of my friend Charity Rees. (Bless her forever!) Photographic proof that I DID get the top done before its owner was born. Just because the quilt was finally finished and mailed in time for her first birthday… well, it’s still pretty cute.
Cinderella admiring herself in that hall mirror in front of the bathroom. She grew up so much there!
And we LOVED the packages from Zannie (my mom.) (Her apron/flower crown were in one of those glorious packages.)

Now, if I could only get these pictures lined up the way I want them… ;P

4 Responses to Woooooot! – revised with pictures.

  1. Coralie says:

    That is such a blessing 🙂
    How exciting. You have to keep me updated! 🙂
    (thanks for the fun preschool day)

  2. Anita Nap -- lol! says:

    Preschool was great, wasn’t it? So fun for them, and nice for me to get to see other mommies on a regular basis. 🙂

  3. Ashley says:

    Ohhh congratulations! I’m glad you got it sold for the price you wanted! How awesome is that!!!

  4. The Haren Family says:

    Hey! I recognize that quilt!!!

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