Happy October!

Happy October everyone!

I just had a most wonderful time perusing my friends’ blogs. Thank you, ladies, for a happy, quiet time at the end of a noisy, crazy day. What a treat. Today was the kind of day where I wish I could have spent it all at a spa somewhere, far away from here, by myself. Preferably sleeping for most of it. 😉

At any rate, life is still good, even when you’re tired. Let’s hope my kids sleep in later than 6:30 tomorrow. This early-morning-start thing only works if I get the first 20 minutes to myself, and it seems like the earlier I wake up to try to steal some “me” time, the earlier they get up! It’s like their little mommy-sensor kicks in — “ALERT! ALERT! Mommy awake! Mommy awake! Must go to her. Now. Must not let her have time to her self…”

3 Responses to Happy October!

  1. Wendy says:

    Hey–that’s the same title I have for my post today. Great minds think alike.

  2. one sleepy mommy says:

    Or good minds copy great ones. 🙂 Not that it was intentional, but it might be more than a cooincedence that I read your blog right before writing mine. Hmm…

  3. Coralie says:

    BN can come play anytime 🙂 The sale was great. Next time…you are coming 🙂 Thanks for your help this week with school. Sorry I was a bum.

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