Random September Pictures.

I haven’t been posting quite as many pictures as I aught to have

this month…

So here are quite a few to make up for lost time.

The happy couple in the pool are my in-laws, the happy-face pie is John’s birthday “cake,” and then I thought I’d illustrate crazy fall weather. Hot, cold, hot… Kids in the cold rain with their umbrellas, then in the sprinklers & swimsuits with the same umbrellas (the very next day!), and the day after that, Eagle in his sweater/hat combo to keep of the chill…

Spring and fall here are both bizarre. There’s really not much in between. It’s frrrrrrreezing, or it’s HOT, and the weather plays ping-pong for a few weeks trying to decide if it’s winter or summer. I end up with a whole month of needing both summer & winter clothes out. Not that I mean to compain here, though. It’s a beautiful state with interesting weather.

Then we have Cinderella’s happy face – one with long “scraggy” hair, as we called it, and one with her new short do. The two amigos playing in and on the little car – it was pretty funny watching Doodle sit up on top of it, actually. And my favorite picture of me, taken by Doodle tonight. It’s me blogging! Hi everyone!!!

3 Responses to Random September Pictures.

  1. Jenny says:

    Love all the photos! The spring/fall weather is bizarre, but I have to say I’m just happy it’s been nice more often than it’s not nice. I like C’s hair both ways! And D on top of the car is priceless.

  2. Wendy says:

    Wait. I see you there, blogging on your couch, but something isn’t quite right . . . oh. I see. The poster-sized picture of us must be on your OTHER wall.

  3. Ashley says:

    Really cute pictures! I know, Utah weather is crazy. I liked it sometimes, but sometimes most definitely not. At least you’re done with the summer hotness! That’s the worst part, according to me!

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