Aww… I just got to talk to a D&D friend from Washington for 50 whole minutes! Wow! All my young-mother friends know that a conversation of that length during the day is rarer than… than… toddlers cleaning up spontaneously. Kate just happened to call during nap time, so the place was quiet & free from distraction on my end. Rare. Very, very rare. And so much fun!

How great to get caught up again after several months! She finished the book she’d been working on. 350 pages! Holy cow! This is what happens when you have a passion for something and the time to work on it. Although… If you’re passionate enough about something, you find a way to make time for it. (This may explain why my Writing for Children’s course is still only 1/4 completed, and also why I am loath to go to an outside source for motivation to get me to work on it. It’s my thing, I want to be the driving force behind my working on it… And so we wait.)

(John always played lawful good — his inner S-man coming out.)

I’m so proud of her for that accomplishment. She’s let it set for a while and is now going back with a fine-toothed comb to get kinks out. Go Kate! I have nothing but great memories of our time playing D&D on Saturday nights, with that group of random neighbors who came to be known as “Just Us.” I never would have met her if Guy hadn’t put together a D&D campaign & posted it online, and John & I never would have known about his campaign if he hadn’t mentioned a love for D&D-ing at a different neighbor’s open house. The dynamics of that group were interesting (to say the least), but absolutely a part of our time there. I cried inside leaving our last D&D session. And then I bawled when I came across my old character sheets a few months after we moved. Part of me still misses it. Not that I necessarily want to do it again now, but that I want to time-warp back to it and enjoy that group just as it was, just as we were, just then, just us.

Can I mention how glad I am that blogging lends itself so easily to “journaling” like this? Don’t be offended, dear far-away friends, for not getting a post about it the last time we talked, or for not getting a call from me in for-e-ver… As noted, these sorts of happenings are rare, and then rare on top of that for me to have time to post about it later. 🙂

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