Nice to be here

Can I just say that as much as where we live is a dry desert, and as much as I missed the wonderful green wetness of Washington,
I’m glad glad glad glad that John isn’t working for WaMu any more!

Stinks that all the stock we had in it when we left is pretty much worthless now, but hey. Win some, lose some. I knew the company had serious, serious problems when I found out how hefty their year-end bonuses were. Not that I didn’t like them, but something was WRONG with the people just a few levels up from John getting 5 and 6-digit Christmas bonuses. Crazy.

It was nice, too, of JPMorgan&Chase to buy ’em out. And nice of the severely over-bloated federal gov’t to bail them out when they FAILED, so I could still get money out of the ATM yesterday.

I hope everyone knows deep down in their gut now that the moral of all this economic drama is:
Please. It’s a bad idea.

Oh, and for the “now” generation who might need a translation,
Debt = when you can’t buy it outright, k?
When you take on monthly payments for something, that’s debt because you didn’t have enough money on hand. 😉

Sorry. Small soapbox. I’ll get off it now. Love you! 🙂

3 Responses to Nice to be here

  1. The Haren Family says:

    I totally thought about you guys when I heard the news (as they are our bank!). I too was soooo glad you weren’t there anymore. Anyone know how Matt and Kris are doing?

  2. Jenny says:

    It made me think of you, too, when I heard the news. We’re glad you’re here for other reasons (let’s get together soon!), but also glad that J’s employment is secure!

  3. Ashley says:

    Wow I am glad he doesn’t work there anymore too! Your decision to move and find new employment for him turned out to be pretty inspired. It’s awesome when things like that happen that really confirm how good your choices were. We’ve had lots of things confirmed too about how great our move AWAY from Utah was, for so many reasons.

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