Thought this was fun – still waiting on pictures. They’re stuck in the other computer. ;P

How long have you been together? We met on Halloween, 2002, and started dating exclusively in January 2003.

Who eats more? Currently I’m nursing a fast-growing 6 month old who’s decided he doesn’t want to try solids yet… So I eat about twice what John does, and twice as many meals, too.

Who said I love you first?
Technically, I said, “I love you, too.”

Who is taller?

Who sings better?
John is much more comfortable singing in front of people, but I think it’s probably a toss up as far as quality goes. John sings louder. I sight read better. Shrug.

Who is smarter?
Depends on the subject. I really enjoyed the first two years of flaunting my Bachelor of SCIENCE [Family Science] over John, who has a Bachelor of ARTS [psychology] Since he earned a Masters in Space Studies last year, it hasn’t mattered as much. (For those of you who know how NON-artsie John is, you appreciate how funny it was. Sigh.) John’s current aim in life is getting a Doctorate in AstroPhysics. I think the “smarter” hat goes to him. To make me feel his equal, I must make note that if he spent as much time alone with the kids as I do, he’d be talking jibberish within a week. Different kind of smart.

Who does the laundry?
I do, unless it gets so backed up and John feels compelled to.

Who does the dishes?
I do, usually. I like to do it, he doesn’t.

Who pays the bills?
John. I make bills for him to pay, so he feels important. (lol!)

Who mows the lawn?
John – unless we opt to pay the nice neighbor kid.

Who cooks dinner?
I do, when I’m together. When I’m otherwise, John does. He makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich, let me tell ya!

Who drives when you are together?
John. On our first road trip together, I made an analogy about priesthood being like the vehicle, equally helping both men and women get to our ultimate Destination, even though men get to sit in the “driver’s seat.” I didn’t know that would translate into John being always the designated driver – hahah – but he’s a better driver anyway, and I handle the kids better in the car, so it works.

Who is more stubborn?
I prefer to think of it as confident. 😉 And John is, definitely. Doodle is a close second in our family.

Whose parents do you see the most?
Pretty equal, actually, since they live about the same distance from us.

Who kissed who first?
Let it be known, he kissed me first. Ah, memories…

Who proposed? John. Valentine’s ’03. Most romantic moment of my life (to that point.) On bended knee – in the mud. That’s love, not like that fake stuff you see in movies.

Who is more sensitive?
Me, by far.

Who has more friends?
John likes to pretend he has no friends, which is not true. Still, I probably have a few friends he doesn’t know well – hence, my “friends list” is longer.

Who has more siblings?

Who wears the pants in the family?
John and I both wear pants. He never wears skirts, though, and I do on Sundays and when we go to the temple. Johns presides in our family, if that’s what this question is supposed to address.

I tag:
Everyone who has a cute love story, cuz I wanna hear ’em!

5 Responses to Thought this was fun – still waiting on pictures. They’re stuck in the other computer. ;P

  1. The Haren Family says:

    Hmmm….guess that means me…

  2. Smith Fam says:

    Yes indeedy it does!

  3. Heidi AND Brian, says:

    It’s fun to hear your cute love story. 🙂

  4. The Laubers says:

    Can I tell you something funny? Last night Matt was saying he didn’t have many guy friends (his best friend is my lil bro, who just went into the MTC) because his high school friends are idiots…but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I mentioned that your husband and mine should do something sometime, just cuz. And then you posted that. And I laughed. ^_^

    And Happy Birthday to your man!!

  5. Ashley says:

    CUTE! You guys are definitely great together, and I wish we could spend more time with you both!

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