To make up for the word from our sponsor

I have a funny story.
Day two of getting the paper again. Ah, ah, ah.

After the Sharpie project, Cinderella “helped” me cut out coupons today just before we left for swim lessons. Newspaper pieces and play food all over front room. Looked disasterous, but was really a quick clean up. I just didn’t have time since both boys slept right up ’til when we had to go.

John met us there during their swim lessons (yay Dad!), and coming home he was the first one in. Evidently I had left the front door unlocked (oops), and so he found it ajar. [the wind blows it open if it isn’t locked, by the way]
He saw the mess.
His first reaction was,

“What the? Oh great. We’ve been ransacked! What’d they take…. Hey, the laptop is on the couch. What kinda burgler doesn’t take a lap top?… Oh. That’s right. She warned me it was a mess. Nevermind.”

I laughed for, I think, a half hour.
Okay, not that long. At least 10, well, okay, 5 minutes. Hard laughing. It was so funny! He really thought for a moment that someone else had trashed our place for us. Nope. Just the kids… It still makes me laugh.


Too bad those cleaning products don’t pick up toys, huh.

4 Responses to To make up for the word from our sponsor

  1. Wendy says:

    That’s awesome.

    As soon as the toy picker upper comes out, I want one!

  2. Smith Fam says:

    lol! me too!

  3. The Laubers says:


    That’s great.

  4. Jenny says:

    Seriously hilarious. I’ve actually done that myself – come home and thought “Did I really leave ALL of this out? Was that door open when I left?” Not that thieves would find much worth taking here, unfortunately.

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