Just can’t help myself!

(more evil laughter)

Just thought I’d share another “YAY!” story.

My friend Karen (name has been changed to protect their privacy) got her order of Melaleuca’s “Windex” equivalent today and was thrilled with its performance.

There was some kind of soap on their bathroom mirror that just wouldn’t come off. She’d spent 10 minutes with Windex & newspaper and that soap just smeared around making streaks. What mother has more than 10 minutes to attack a mirror? The evil soap won that battle and every time Karen walked past it, it irked her.

Enter CLEAR POWER (cue the fanfare)!
Squirt, squirt, wipe with a little cloth. DONE! Clean!

No more streaky, smeary, irking soap stuff. Happy, happy Karen.

I’m so glad she shared that with me. Thanks Karen! What a fun story! I wish you could hear the excitement in her voice. If any of you have dealt with stubborn gunk, you know how frustrating it is to scrub and scrub and not come off conqueror.

Should I share another while I’m at it? I think I shall. It was a good day for Melaleuca’s products.

The boys were sleeping so Cinderella and I got to do a “no-boys-allowed” project involving Sharpies.

Yeah. Do I even need to continue? I will anyway. Red sharpie bled through the paper onto our kitchen floor. Ack! Who knew red sharpie shows up bright and clear on dark laminate?

I tried diluted Sol-U-Mel, but it didn’t do the trick. Then I brought out the concentrated stuff.

Bingo! The ink wiped off like watercolor. No more evidence of our little project. Big smiles on mommy, relief on Cinderella.

I love my cleaners.


2 Responses to Just can’t help myself!

  1. Healthy Sherry says:

    What you are posting on your blog is against Melaleuca’s policies and procedures and they will shut your business down.

  2. Smith Fam says:

    That's funny – I'll go back and read the fine print in my contract again. When I read it the first time, I understood that I'm not to stock their products and resell them. Bad idea.

    Lest I be unclear to my adoring public, that's not what I'm trying to do here. I'm just sharing the joy of my experiences with effective, safe cleaners. I invite my friends (and strangers, too) to ask me about a 40-minute online presentation where they can learn how to obtain these & other great products… from Melaleuca. Not from me. This is a great company and I don't want to rock any boats here.

    Thanks for the info, though. If I'm in the wrong, I definitely want to correct the situation and appreciate your input!


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