So much to post about…

Don’tcha hate that feeling when you have too much to say? Actually, I guess I kind of like it on some level.

Things of note:
~ My best friend, Kim, from SoCal drove up with her hubby & daughter on Saturday!!! They’ll be here all week and we’ve had lots of fun already. I haven’t before met MissE (their 15-mo-old), so this was very fun if for no other reason than I get to see her busy-ness in action. What a doll!

~ We had another amazing experience with Tub&Tile. Amazing. But I won’t bore you with it. Instead I’m going to create a blog dedicated specifically to such rave-reviews. As some of you get interested enough to try it yourself, you can post on it, too… Ultimately, anyway, that’s my goal. I really do love this company & can’t wait for someone who lives far away to volunteer to be my guinea pig. I want to see how the long-distance presentation works. I’ve heard it goes even faster than in-person, but I haven’t seen one done yet… But anyway. Happilysmithing will be our family-updates/personal journaling type venting, and my second blog (whatever it will be named) will be the “words from our sponsers” type posting.

~ Devin & Evan are getting a name-on-this-blog change soon, due to a cousin being named Evan. It’s going to be a little confusing for the extended family, I think. They both need “obviously not really their names” nicknames here. Coming soon.

~ Life is great. I just love it. I really do. So many happy things to write, so little time. Love you all!!!

3 Responses to So much to post about…

  1. Ashley says:

    I hope you keep having a fun week! I’m sure you will!
    So what are the reasons for having not their real name nicknames for kids? I never even knew it was an option until I had already had my blog for awhile.

  2. kweenmama says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have been reading some of your posts and I think we have similar views. I always like to find other bloggers who enjoy their family life.

  3. Smith Fam says:

    Thanks, ladies!
    Ashley – One of my friends used “fake” names for her kids on her blog, and it just seemed like a good idea. I don’t particularly want to go through the hassle of making my blog private, especially because I like it when nice people find me on here…
    but at the same time, there are weirdoes in the world. No need for them to know my kids’ names. 😉

    But speaking of nice people on here I would never meet otherwise–
    Kween – I agree; it’s great to find other bloggers enjoying their families. It seems like when someone is truly happy with their spouse and kids, it gives them a world in common with other people who feel likewise. I’m glad to have “met” you here!

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