At the risk of scaring all my blog readers away… I must tell you. I’m sorry but I must.


Sorry. I was a little excited.

It was the upstairs bathtub this time. Same story. Haven’t cleaned it in ages. Grey sides. Yuck. An hour’s worth of elbow grease & noxious toxic fumes — But not for me! Oh no. Not with my best cleaning friends… (drumroll, please!)

Shmear it around, wait 10 seconds, laugh while the grey gunk drips down the sides, wipe it off with the scrubbie side of my yellow sponge, rinse. (One of these days I’m going to take a video of the whole process. Except, hm. Now both our tubs are clean. Anyone have a yucky tub they want to volunteer????)

Beautimous like-new whiteness for my houseguests this weekend.


Don’t look for it in stores – it’s not there. Ask how you can be a direct customer and get your own best-cleaning-friend, too!
(Insert cheesey grin here)

One Response to Again!

  1. Wendy says:

    Okay, I’m biting. I looked at my shower and didn’t want to think about cleaning it, and thought of your glowing recommendation.

    Really. Does it work? You aren’t sugarcoating it?

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