Why am I mad?

Because I’ve been using these for years:

(Should’ve named it Huge&Heavy)

(with it’s friends, Dangerous&Scary)

When I could have been using this:


Where has this company been my whole life? Or at least my whole married life.

My Melaleuca laundry products:
*Work better
*Are “earth friendly” (not a huge factor in my choice of household cleaning products, but hey. It sounds nice)
*Take up a fourth of the space (with equal numbers of loads per bottle)
***Are SAFE to be around my kids.***

Devin loves to help with everything right now. He lives for the chance to prove how much he can do at the ripe old age of two-and-a-half. “Let me do it!!!” is frequently heard around here. In the past, helping pour the bleach has not been one of the parent-approved activities. Now I use Melabrite instead, our clothes look like new they’re so bright, and Devin gets to help pour it in. (Oh happy day.) As the clothes get worn and washed in the new stuff, it’s funny. I can tell which items have been melabrite-ed and which haven’t yet. The ones that haven’t gone through yet look worn out and tired compared with the others.

It won’t be long before the kids get to do laundry by themselves – including unsupervised detergent pouring – and I won’t have to worry about a trip to the ER if they decide it looks tasty.

Apologies for another shameless plug, folks, but seriously. I really do love these products. They make my life so much easier. As it is, I have to curb myself from shamelessly plugging about one product or another here daily. 😀 You’ll have to forgive me when I give in and indulge once in a while.

PS: If any of these tempt you to learn more, once again may I remind you to just send me a line. (big cheesey grin!)

5 Responses to Mad

  1. Jenny says:

    OK, I’ll bite. I’m kind of obsessive about my laundry, and with such hard water, I have a hard time getting things to come as clean as we like. I’m not really interested in selling the stuff, but can I just buy it from you? What does that involve? Fun to see you guys yesterday! How was the chicken?

  2. Smith Fam says:

    Woo-hoo!!! 😀 I’ll call ya later today with more info. 🙂

    The chicken was yummy – tender in a way that old chickens can only dream of. But it was a little (okay, a lot) smaller than I thought it was. Clarissa at probably a third of the bird, and the grown ups did with rather small portions… Nice to not worry about leftovers, though.

  3. Ashley says:

    You sound like a commercial! 🙂
    I use whatever laundry stuff works with our front-loading washer. It only takes certain stuff, has to have HE-efficieny stamped on the bottle. It’s kinda funny. But I’m glad you have products you love so much!

  4. Smith Fam says:

    I should preface these with “And now a word from our sponser…” lol! And no worries!!! They make HE-efficiency stuff too! I’ve been thinking of you a lot with this company – you’d really like it. 😀

  5. MERRIANNE says:

    i hope you are getting paid for this kind of advertising!!!!


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