Book Review! Inkheart, Inkspell

Hi. You are reading words written by a desperate and frustrated woman.

I have this policy. You must understand. I DON’T don’t don’t start reading a fictional series until the last book is written. (With the exception of Harry Potter, because Rowling did a great job of leaving every book feeling “finished.”) Shall I tell you why? I shall. As a youth I got sucked into The Work and the Glory series. I was 12-ish when the first came out, and had to wait
and wait
and wait
for each book as it came out. It seemed like it just never ended; the books were several 100 pages each, with lots and lots of new characters in each, and it became VERY hard to keep track of all those characters when you had a year+ between each book. By the time I was at book 7 I really *needed* to reread the whole thing. But who wants to do that? It’d be, like, a million pages! Yeah. So that series remains unread in its entirety by yours truly.

Hence, the wait ’til it’s finished policy.

I’ve put into practice this policy with the Twilight Saga. Now that the last book is out, I shall dive in. Soon. Just after I vent about Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart.

I picked it up at the library just browsing. It looked interesting, and it had been recommended by a few bookwormish friends of mine in WA. (You know who you are!)

Short review: LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long review: Read it yourself.

hahaha – I crack me up.

I don’t want to spoil any plot at all for any of you who haven’t read it. Suffice it to say, it was everything a bookworm-ish person wants in a book. So clever, so creative, so well-written, so fun to read I went and picked up every other book written by her that our library carries. So help me, I really enjoy her writing style and I’m hoping it rubs off on my writing for children. She’s a master at her craft.

Inspell was one of those books picked up last week.
I had seen the cover of the third book, Inkdeath, somewhere – so I figured I was safe “getting into” a series. Halfway through it I realized there was just no way she could tie up all the loose ends in a few hundred pages. Good thing the third one is out, right? Sure ‘nuf, at the end of Inkspell I wanted to get my hands on the next book as much as a fish thrashing on the bottom of your boat wants you to throw it back in the river.

I finished the book yesterday, planned on getting #3 at the library today, thought I’d be so clever and see which libaries in the area have it, or put it on hold using the library’s online whatever… And JUST found out that –aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh– INKDEATH ISN’T OUT YET!!!!

Shoulda done my research a little more closely.

I’m not the only one to think Inkheart worth reading, apparently, because they’re making it into a movie, to be released next year. Mixed feelings on that… Does every good book need to be a movie? Are they making these movies out of love for the book or just because they know they’ll make a buck or two (billion)?

So you know it’s a great author when you read her books and are SO into them that you never once think, “This would make a great movie.” Seriously! I didn’t! And then close to the end of this second book someone tells me they think they saw a preview for it or something and I thought, “Hey, whaddayaknow! That would make a great movie, wouldn’t it?!”

Or maybe that says less about the book and more about how sheltered a life I live.


Think on this, I will.
And wait the whole 2 months for Inkdeath, I will, too. (Grrrr…)


3 Responses to Book Review! Inkheart, Inkspell

  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks for the book review! I’ve been wanting something new and good to read since I’m done with the Twilight books now, and I will have to read these for sure!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Is Inkdeath the last one in the series? Are we safe? I have such a horrible memory, that it isn’t really a good idea for me to read something until all the books are available, either. I did the same thing you did with Work and the Glory. I will definitely check out this series once all the books are available – I read The Thief Lord and remember really liking it.

  3. Smith Fam says:

    You’ll like them, Ashley. They’re great.

    So will you, Jenny — but wait ’til 3 is out in October. I’ll for sure let you know if it’s the last one. šŸ˜€

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