Facepainting @ the City-in-Utah Fling

Last Saturday we went to my-parent’s-city’s Annual “Fling.” It was way fun. The much-loved and much-indulged grandkids got their faces painted. Cinderella was an “ice princess;” Devin was a blue monster.

I like how in the pictures take head on, you can see the color of their eyes changing slightly. They both used to have blue-blue eyes like Evan, but they’re starting to get a little yellow around the pupils (like me and John)… Fun!
We left half their faces plain so we would still recognise them. 🙂 Cinderella is informing me now that she wanted a full face job. Oh well, Princess. Life goes on. It really was a fun day, super-meltdown afterwards notwithstanding. By that point they’d gone 2 days w/o mom&dad, then immediately had the fathers/sons campout (fun for one, totally unfair for the other)… Big week.

One Response to Facepainting @ the City-in-Utah Fling

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, fun pictures!

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