Another example of why I have issues with the medical industry

Men, be warned. The following post is all about (brace yourselves) breastfeeding.

And may I go on the record stating that I really HATE it when I loose an hour’s worth of writing. Really hate it. So I shall now attempt to fit an hour’s worth of writing into about 5 minutes. Bummer. I so love being wordy.

Now that I’ve gotten rid of all the men, here’s the deal.

Long story short, I sent Evan off to my mom’s with the wrong bottle. Big mistake. It was way too hard to drink from, so my mom did what anyone would do and gave him a “normal” bottle. That resulted in a very lazy nurser upon my return, and I didn’t notice it until I woke up Sunday morning with NO milk. Very scary.

I pumped and pumped, he refused to nurse (can’t blame him – there wasn’t anything there!), and by Monday I was in panic mode. Severely stressed. Bigtime.

I called all 7 Le Leche League contacts in this county, no luck. I tried my midwife’s office, hoping they’d be able to direct me in the right direction, if not help me solve my problem. No luck there either. Jill just jumped to the conclusion I wanted a quick-fix drug and prescribed me Reglan. Look it up for more info — It interfere’s with your brain’s hormone-sensing system. Blah. Obviously not for me. Or my baby, since it passes through to breastmilk. I now have a great, big soapbox about prescribing that drug to nursing mothers, but I shall spare you.

Doing my own homework, I determined I needed a hospital-grade breastpump. Our hospital doesn’t rent them out (alas), and the lady I talked with there was about as helpful as my midwife. (“Did you get that packet when your baby was born? There’s a sheet in there w/ info on that sort of thing.”) (Lovely. Fortunately for me, I actually did know where that packet was.)

Half a dozen phone calls, 4 hours, and one irritated receptionist later, I finally got through to someone with his head not stuck in red tape. (That receptionist didn’t want to let me rent one w/o a prescription. Yeah right.)

I had a pump delivered to my home 40 minutes or so later. And this was way after business hours. Just shows what talking to the right person can do you for you.

Thank goodness my mommy taught me to buck the system, not trust everything doctors tell you or (especially) prescribe. Figure out the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Do it yourself if your practitioner doesn’t have the time. (But wait – isn’t that their job????)

Tonight I pumped 4 oz in one sitting (huge improvement from yesterday’s quarter-ounce!), and I expect by the end of the week to be back to normal. No thanks to the medical industry, with the exception of that wonderfully intelligent inventory specialist. 😉

2 Responses to Another example of why I have issues with the medical industry

  1. The Pali's says:

    I hate how your body does crazy things. The mini pill I was using actually dried me all up so Connor’s having to take formula now. The doctor’s didn’t really help me on that one either. Sorry but I’m glad you got things figured out.

  2. Ashley says:

    That sounds like such a horrible experience! Ugh. What finished my breast milk off was getting mastitis TWICE. I’m glad you got the hospital-grad pump!
    And in case you didn’t see my response on my blog about the Twilight books, YES it’s the last book in the series and you definitely should read them soon! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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