(No, I’m not pregnant. You can exhale now.)

It’s been John’s lifelong ambition to surprise me with something big. Well, “lifelong” meaning, since we got married 5 years ago.
Attempt #1 —
Chicago AND Earth Wind and Fire concert. Oh man, talk about awesome. He had this super-date planned out a long time in advance, but wouldn’t tell me what we were going to do. Being a fulltime-homemaker, I hadn’t heard those two amazing, fantastic, most-loved of all groups were performing together (gasp) in our area (double-gasp!) He was destined for setting up a whopping big surprise… if I hadn’t heard about the concert on the radio a few days before. Dang.

Attempt #2–
Around the time of said concert… no, wait… it was the next year, actually, after Devin was born… I found this picture online:
(can’t paste it in here, sorry – I’m not techy enough to figure out how to do it sneaky-like)
And fell in love with it.

I know, I know. It’s terribly superficial of me to fall in love with a painting. But I did. And John knew it. At that time, Devin was a baby. A red-headed cuddly/lovey boy with a personality that matched the boy in the arms of the blond mommy. I wish I could post it on here. Let’s see if my puny skills can figure something out.

~~~~~Did I say puny? I meant Jedi-Master of detective skills. Here it is!

So. Fast forward 2 years later. I’m still in love with that painting, but knowing that they don’t sell cheap prints — only uber-expensive, extremely limited edition type masterpieces — I don’t ever entertain serious thoughts of ever owning it. At least, not before my Devin is much older than the Devin pictured.

It’s Christmastime and I’m budgeting carefully. I want to help us achieve our financial goals, so I’m trying (again, and only marginally successfully) to keep track of what I’m spending. John shows me (again) how to login to our cards, bank accounts, etc, that he has all very carefully set up. He takes care of things so well in that department, I sometimes get nightmares about ever having to take over said department. It would be a disaster, especially because I can’t seem to remember how to even login to these things.

Anyway! I digress in my story.
Christmastime, I decide to check on the card balance to see if I’ve managed to stay in my budget. I notice –whoa!!!– That’s WAY over than what it should be. What’s going on?

You can probably figure out where the investigation led me. Let’s just say it wasn’t a complete and total surprise when I unwrapped it Christmas day.

Although, really, it’s a good thing I figured out ahead of time. I was pregnant, people. I would have been a COMPLETE basket-case in front of all his side of the family. Heck, I’d probably still be crying. And seeing this painting in person… wow. It was still a surprise. It’s HUGE. And even more beautiful than I imagined it being.

There’ve been other (smaller) surprises from my sweetie that didn’t surprise me as well as he’d hoped. Like I said. He’s been trying to surprise me for years.

And this week, he did it! Aren’t you so happy for him?! I was.

My Mom came up to visit Wednesday. We went to a presentation for the kids (about bugs) at the library… it was a very fun outing.

When we got back to mi casa around 1pm, John was there. Yay! I love it when he can come home early. We chat a bit about the library and John says something like,
(Blue = edited & updated with more accuracy by John, who wasn’t in shock after this conversation took place.)
“Do you want the good news or the bad news?”
“Good news.”
“You always want the good news first! Good news is –
Mom guesses, “You still have a job!”
“Well, the good news is I’m not going to work for the next few days.”
(At this point I’m really hoping the bad news isn’t that he doesn’t have a job! Hahaha.)
“The bad news is… Well, this time there is no bad news! Now, do you want the better news or the best news?”
“What? Not the best first? Okay. The better news is that I’m going out of town.”
I interrupt, “And I get to come????!?!?!”
“… And you get to come with me!”
(Me cheering!)
“And the best news is that kids aren’t coming! [At this point I feel like a deer in headlights… too good to be true!] Your mom is watching them for us.”
Mom & John both say, “Surprise!!!!!”
Mom says, “Now! Go pack your bags!”

Oh MY. I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea! Wow again.

Good job, Dear. You totally got me this time. I had not a clue. AND he actually planned the exact vacation I was hoping we’d be able to do in the near future, but hadn’t told him. Mind-reader, wife-surpriser, I love you.

Where’d we go? Well, you’ll have to wait. If I had some suspense, you get some too. I’m waiting until I get the camera, which is currently sitting (probably not getting used) with John and Devin at their first father-son campout somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I think. Wait. I take that back. I did actually ask him to take pictures, so I have complete confidence that he will grit his teeth and take at least two. That’s love. Not like that fake stuff you see in movies.

5 Responses to SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. All three of us! says:

    How did I not hear about that painting! You really did fall in love with it and now it has a place of honor on your wall! Yay…Good job on the trip John, btw. Can’t wait to find out more….

  2. Smith Fam says:

    Whoa! How’d that slip by? I think I recall… We chatted after Christmas, but didn’t have enough time to hear the whole story. So perfectionist that I am, I put it off ’til “next time” when I was sure we’d have sufficient time to talk details. We am funny.

  3. Wendy says:

    Cool! I knew there was a reason we have a big photo of John up in our house.

  4. ~Elly says:

    *lol* That’s awesome! My husband is still trying to surprise me with something…I can usually figure things out. Too OCD to not I guess. Ah well. Yay for a surprise though!

  5. Ashley says:

    Great job surprising you! I usually figure out most of Stephen’s surprises too, which drives him nuts. And that painting is SO you! Wow! I would look at that in a store and think of you for sure! I’m sure it looks beautiful on your wall.

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