Oh my…

So! I could be writing about many things this evening. There was the family reunion in Logan (Mom’s Mom’s side)…

Above: me, my Dad, and my baby E — And have I mentioned I’m totally THRILLED that E looks like me?! Well, I am. C looks like my mom, D looks like a Smith, and E is the Mann-side! YES!

Below: my sister, her soon-to-be-missionary, and my mom. I’m sure they’ll just crop this for their engagement photo in two years. Mom will be sad they had to leave her off the announcement — after all, it’s an arranged marriage & they have her to thank.

That shallow stream was lined with lovely little rocks that David loved to throw and put in his pockets. Just before we left, Cinderella let her shoes float down the stream, catching them and then letting them go again. Unfortunately, she let them get pretty close to where the stream went underground… Mom (that’s me) had to jump in and save them from being lost forever. Unbeknownst to me, the stream is knee deep down there, and instead of those lovely little rocks, it’s bottom consists of 6″ deep GOO. Mud. Muck. Like, suck your shoes off your feet type sloshy suctiony stuff. Totally caught me by surprise, and I nearly lost my shoes in saving Cinderella’s.

Which was all quite fun, but not what I’m writing about.

I could be hoping to share my excitement with you about the newest member of our family, a baby banana tree named Mo…

Who I love dearly, hope I don’t kill, and was FREE at Farmer’s Market today. (Sweet!)

But that’s not foremost on my mind either. Close, but not quite.

D came down after we put him to bed this evening. He usually does if he’s had a nap. Evan pulled his long, shaggy hair, and I used it as a chance to talk a two year old into a much needed haircut.

“Oh no! That hurt! Maybe we should cut it so he can’t do that.”

“Okay Mommy.”

(Huzzah! I’ve been trying to talk him into letting me cut his hair for a month or more!)

I’m just curious, Dear Reader… How bad would it be of me to blame Devin’s new haircut on his sister? Okay, that would be lying, so I can’t do that. How immature would it be, then, to give Cinderella a pair of scissors tomorrow morning before church, let her cut a snip off, and then -when the funny looks get directed to me – I can honestly say, “C cut his hair again.”

Sound good to you? Okay, then it’ll be our little secret that those WAY short, butchered bangs are all my fault.

Pictures will be forthcoming later. I’m hoping a little gel will go a long way in redeeming my “save a buck” policy of cutting his hair.

4 Responses to Oh my…

  1. Wendy says:

    I can so commiserate. That’s happened in my world more than once. Don’t do any blaming until someone ASKS you about it, though. They may just assume he got squirmy in the barber’s chair.

  2. Tami says:

    I can so relate! My poor kids are at the mercy of my mood when it comes to haircutting. They really should wait until I’ve had the perfect day and am happily humming before they let me start.

  3. Ashley says:

    Those are fun pictures from the family reunion! And I can’t wait to see what his haircut looks like. I’ve never cut Kirsten’s hair, even though she definitely needs a haircut by now, because I’m so afraid of messing it up!

  4. Smith Fam says:

    I am relieved to know Devin isn’t the only kid whose mom goofed on his hair. At least a) he’s cute anyway and b) hair grows out!

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