Saved me an hour!

And not just any old hour — “Tub & Tile” saved me an hour of bending over our tub, scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, breathing in noxious fumes.

So in appreciation for this fantastic product, please brace yourself for a shameless plug. Here’s the story:

For the short story, skip to the italics.

I don’t like scrubbing our bathtub. That chore above most others gets the prize at my house for Least Likely to Get Done. Why? It’s on the short list of chores John “doesn’t do,” and I’m really good at rationalizing it away with the following excuses:
1) My kids are around and I don’t want them around bleach/dangerous chemicals.
2) The baby’s awake and I certainly don’t want him breathing in bleach either.
3) The kids are all finally asleep and I reeeeally don’t want to spend my remaining energy (usually not much at the end of the day) putting elbow grease into the tub.

So you can imagine what state our bathtub was in. I run a sponge over it after the kids’ baths occassionally, using kid-soap usually, but it hadn’t had a thorough cleaning in months. Ick. At some point I tried Ajax, spending 15 minutes or so at it. At another point I used straight bleach, spending another 15 minutes… but both those methods really only took the “edge” off the lovely grey greasy finish. Ewwwww…. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t imagine the state of our tub. Keep it in the back of your mind anyway as I continue the story.

A few weeks ago John and I went to a Melaleuca presentation at a friend’s house. If you haven’t heard of it before, Melaleuca is a company that make amazing-quality cleaning & health products. Seemed like cool stuff, and the side-business potential appealed to us. We thought it over for a few days and then decided to sign up. The “start up fee” was so minimal, and the products so fairly priced, that it really was a no-risk situation. —–
But in actuality, the selling point to me was the kid-safe cleaning products. How cool would it be to not have to rush your baby to the ER if he drinks your toilet cleaner?

So I placed my first order and bought their “Tub & Tile” bathroom cleaner, thinking of course of my least favorite chore. (Unfortunately this was during the cameraless time, so I was prevented from taking before/after pictures.)

How I love to recall this beautiful memory….

I had my new product, was a little bit anxious to see how it would hold up against the gross grey greasy gunk, since nothing else had worked, and poured it on, undiluted, along the side of our dirty tub.

As it streaked down to the bottom, I was shocked. Stunned. Overjoyed. It left streaks of WHITE without my even touching it. I shmeared the stuff around the side and bottom with my little yellow sponge.

30 seconds later, I used the shower head to spray it off while I gently, quickly rubbed it with the green side of that little yellow sponge.

I had a nice white tub.
No elbow grease.

Except, you could see where I “missed” with that wonderful, nontoxic cleaner. So I did it again.

The whole process took 5 minutes. No joke. Even the hard-water stain from where the faucet drips when I forget to shut it tight.

And so, dear reader, I am a HUGE fan of Tub&Tile, as well as the Melaleuca company. Can’t wait to replace all my poisonous, scary chemicals with their safe & “earth-friendly” products. This week my second order came with their laundry stuff, and I have equally happy reports about their stain treatment product & their fabric softner…

There you have it. My shameless plug. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want to find out how you can quit scrubbing your tub, start a fun side-business (for those of you looking for that kind of thing) with products you’re buying anyway (except these are better), go ahead and contact me.

You know you want to.

2 Responses to Saved me an hour!

  1. Aunt Kimmie says:

    Have you tried it on your kitchen sink yet? I’m totally curious. I have such drama there…

  2. ~Elly says:

    *lol* I loved this post. Seriously.

    You’ll have to show me their stuff sometime. We’ll have a swap, I’ll show you DT and you can show me Melaluca. I had a friend work at their call center in Rexburg a few years back… so I’ve heard the name but never tried their stuff.

    I’m intrigued.


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