The camera’s second outing… July 2

We went to the library first, then to a park not too far away. I am totally in love with their little water world there… It’s all free and words don’t really do it justice. I stuck a book in the stroller, thinking I’d get to read while the kids splashed around in the wading pools, streams, and played in the abundant shade.

Well, evidently Cinderella *does* take after me in at least one way…

How I laughed! She sat there and turned every page of that book — a “chapter” book with very few pictures — while Devin did what most other kids would do in 90-degree weather…
10 minutes later… Nope, not done yet…
So Devin has fun on his own until she finishes.
And yes, she did come around eventually, and got every bit as wet as her more adventurous brother.
Imagine how much she’ll enjoy a good book when she can actually read it! Hahahaha…

PS: Click on that last picture to view larger – it’s even funnier blown up.

One Response to The camera’s second outing… July 2

  1. Ashley says:

    Looks fun! I’ve never been to that park before.

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