The camera’s first outing…

Since we were up in Park City, I decided to make a “field trip” out of it and find a park up there for the kids. It was such a beautiful day, how could we resist? The munchkins (and Autumn) ran off ahead while I fixed Evan up in his wrap.

The pond was mostly for dogs, I think, as we saw half a dozen there before we left.
The kids kept their distance at first…
…while Evan “hung out” quite happily. Aren’t his little piggies adorable?
And then they got over their tentativeness… Oh, the mess! Devin in particular enjoyed getting in the muck.
And then they ran back to the van when it was time to go. Devin was most reluctant about getting cleaned up, and had a ways to go to catch up with the girls. Bless his muddy little heart, he ran the whole way hoping to catch them!

One Response to The camera’s first outing…

  1. Wendy says:

    I love that picture of Devin in the mud. So cute.

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