I’ve been tagged!

Attached or single? Eternally attached to my awesome husband, “John”
Best friend? “John”!
Cake or pie? Usually pie is better, but there are a few really awesome cakes I can think of
Day of choice? Saturday — In the days b.c. (before children) Sunday was, hands down… Now, well, I’m afraid our family play day beats out the trying-to-keep-the-kids-quiet-while-john-is-in-meetings day. Someday I hope to find that Sunday is once again my favorite.
Favorite color? Lavender (usually.) I also love blue and some shades of yellow & green
Gummy bears or worms? Worms, especially sour!
Hometown? Way-ell… there are quite a few places that feel like home. San Marcos, CA; Fallbrook, CA; and now SLC
Ideal vacation? Two ideals: 1-Me and my Sweetie on an Alaskan cruise — no kids. 2- Whole family “camping” (in our timeshare) in the mountains. No cell phones.
January or July? January — next January I WILL go snowboarding again. I hope.
Marriage date? May 31
Number of siblings? 3, ages 23, 21, and 18
Oranges or apples? Orange. But none of this nasty yellow dried up Utah oranges. Ick.
Phobias? My kids getting hurt. Heights, too, actually, if we’re driving next to a cliff. (Shudder!)
Quote? “All because two people fell in love” – it’s on the back of our minivan and I think it appropriate there.
Reasons to smile? My children are currently not crying, Jesus loves me, the Church is true, John has a mtg tonight so I’ll get to surprise him with a “clean” (cleaner, anyway) house, our swamp cooler works well, I got to see my Neurolink doc up in WA last Saturday.
Season of choice? Spring, spring, spring. I wish it lasted longer here.
Tag three people: I don’t know if three people read my blog! But here’s trying anyway — Wendy, Tami, Tiara
Unknown fact about me: If I had to work, I’d want to be a family therapist/counselor. Or maybe a midwife. That’d be cool, too.
Vegetable? zucchini, cooked
Worst habit? slouching
X-ray or ultrasounds? Ultrasounds of course
Your favorite food? Mexican food, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and -best of all- a really ripe nectarine
Zodiac sign? Aquarius, I think

3 Responses to I’ve been tagged!

  1. Ashley says:

    Tags are fun, huh? I agree about Utah oranges, they are nasty! Once you’ve lived in southern California, the citrus fruits there spoil you for life. And it’s true about Sundays. I used to like them better than I do with a baby (sigh). Even though Stephen takes care of her during the two hours I’m leading the Primary music.

  2. Wendy says:

    Um, okay, A–your neurolink doctor visit OUTRANKED us? I’m wounded.

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh and I left something on my blog for you! Hope you think it’s fun!

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