My first blog in a few weeks, we’ve gone on a 10-day road trip through 3 states, seen lots of family & friends, and what am I most excited to write about?

(All-caps tells you I’m REALLY happy about this.)

Were it not for the road trip we took, I’d probably still be in mourning over the Panasonic that I broke… and yes, I still feel horrid about that. Josh was rather in denial about it, and reluctant to fork out $ for a new one, so I found one used off (Or was it craigslist? Hmm) Anyway, it was econimical enough for my indulgent husband and has a big zoom, which is my favorite feature on a camera.
Alas, a Kodak EasyShare (z650 model) is in truth not as cool as the Lumix we lost -may it rest in peace- but I shall not complain as it was totally my fault. I shall be grateful for the 10x zoom and the slightly smaller size, and I shall be glad I listened to the little voice that told me I’d find what I was looking for on that day.

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