Tuesday we went to the zoo w/ my dear friend Karlyn & her two boys, and Autumn (of course! Don’t leave home without her.) We were “riding” on the Tolley’s year passes – sweet! Once again I lament the lack of a camera, as it would have been used extensively today for the purpose of making this entry 100x as exciting for all my devoted blog-readers. 😉

You’ll just have to imagine my kids all red and sweaty from the 90+ weather, Evan hanging out in his baby-wrap, and the Tolley boys stylin’ in their safari hats. It was a fun time in spite of the heat — and we were MOST appreciative of the Powers that be sending cloud cover and sprinkling rain to cool off the hottest part of the afternoon. (Awesome!!!)

I was surprised that Cinderella & Devin were both SO excited to see the crocodiles & alligators. Who knew they had such a thing for them? We saw elephants, giraffes (my new favorite), snakes, zebras, bears, rhinos, and more. It was a great time!


3 Responses to Zoo-ing!

  1. Ashley says:

    Karlyn from California? That’s cool she lives in Utah too and you get to hang out with her! I do wish I could see pictures from the zoo! I never went to the zoo in Utah before.

  2. Wendy says:

    I’m so excited to keep up with you on your blog! Yay. And I loved seeing you all tonight.

    Let it be known: WE are the Smiths’ favorite.

  3. J&A says:

    Shhh! It’s our little secret! 😉

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