Not as young as I used to be…

Last night John & I were up ’til midnight writing essays for the Guideposts Magazine contest. It brought back great memories of final projects and term papers… Oh, the good old days! I sent the paper in at 11:52pm; I only hope it gets time-stamped with MY time zone, not theirs. :/

At any rate, it was fun to write and it was fun to have a deadline to meet. What a rush! I write my best work under pressure like that. But oh dear oh dear, it was hard to get up this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s not my age as much as the number of children we have that sucks the life out of me. Ergh.

Uh-oh. Here comes Devin, up from a nap.

Ooh, cranky. Nice. Won’t get to add any more here today, methinks.

One Response to Not as young as I used to be…

  1. The Veaters says:

    I wonder if I’ll still be as much of a night owl as I am right now when I have three kids? What’s your guess? I’m excited to see more about your essay contest. What was it for?

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