Guess what world!
Devin is officially potty-training!

Wonder of wonders, the little (okay, he’s not really so little) tyke can pee on command.

And when he does, he gets a Toy Story sticker on his potty chart. He thinks it’s cool. So do I!

Tonight before the bedtime routine I asked him if he needed to go. He said no – but I knew otherwise. Don’t ask me how – it must be a mom thing. I just know. So I decided to see if he just needed some company.

“Mommy needs to go too. Let’s go!”

His reply:
“Mommy has cha(w)rt too? Okay!”


2 Responses to Charts

  1. The Veaters says:

    When I start potty training Kirsten, you’ll have to give me a whole bunch of advice. I’m sure you’re becoming an expert at it now!

  2. J&A says:

    Haha! No, not really. And each kid is SOOOO different when it come to potty training, it’s hard for advice to transfer. 🙂

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