Fridge Locks…

… don’t work. At least, not for keeping children out of the fridge. We haven’t even had it on for a week and Cinderella figured it out. Which means that Devin has access, too, as long as sister is around. (Dangit.)

It will, however, keep Evan out. Especially since he can’t even sit up on his own yet.

What else noteworthy has happened lately? Well…

Evan found his feet and thinks they’re great.
Devin is making steps toward giving up diapers. (YES!!!!!)
Cinderella let me fix her hair two days in a row. Sort of.
Last night for Family Night we read a story out of The Friend —
and the kids acted it out as I read it. What a kick! They’re so funny. “Whay aoy my dwumsticks, Sistoy?

Mommy has resigned herself to starting flylady over again. I had a groove going in Washington and completely lost it with the move last year. After floundering through pregnancy and now learning to mommy three kids, it has been determined that the “I think I know what I’m doing I’ve done this before” hasn’t worked. So…. back to square one. My sink is shiny and I’m on -what?- day three of her steps.
Go me. (Rolling eyes…)

Wouldn’t it be fun if I could do before/after pictures? That would be great. BUT I STILL DON’T HAVE A CAMERA!~ 😦 Such a sad, sad, sad thing. We’re still mourning the loss.

One Response to Fridge Locks…

  1. The Veaters says:

    What happened to your camera? I’ve been wondering why there are no pictures on here!

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