Pen Head

Devin has a gift for taking pens apart, and he loves doing it. 50/50 chance they’ll get put back together with all pieces in tact.

Well, yesterday when our home teachers were over he set a new record. John let Devin have his “church pen” from the pocket of his white shirt.

“Don’t break it, Devin.”

“Okay. Me won’t bwake it.”

In less than a minute – no joke! – he took it apart, put it back together, and gave it back — without the pen tip. How in the world did he get the very tip off? (the metal part you have to have to write with) And where did it go? Amazing.

He does have a suspicious looking blue shmear of ink leading up to his hairline… Evidently the dirty dead was done using his forehead.

His gift is our loss.

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